for the Body, Mind, and Spirit
Massage Therapy
Swedish Massage - Deep Tissue - Sports Massage
Prenatal/Postnatal Massage - Hot Stone - Chair Massage -
Amma Therapy - Aromatherapy
Massage Therapy offers a drug-free, non-invasive, and humanistic approach based on the body's ability to heal itself.  Ancient and Contemporary therapies are used to help you:
- Improve Circulation
- Relax Muscles
- Increase Joint Flexibility
- Relieve Muscular Pain
- Relieve Stress and Tension
- Strengthen the Immune System
- Aid in Digestion
- Reduce Muscle Spasms
- Enhance Athletic Performance
- Promote Deeper Breathing
- Improve Posture
- Release Endorphins, the Body's
  Natural Pain-Killer
Joanne C. Natoli, LMT
Huntington, NY  11743
By appointment only
Huntington Massage was founded with the idea of creating a peaceful environment where you can relax, heal, and energize.  Your therapeutic massage is customized to your needs, using both Eastern and Western techniques, that will heal your body, calm your mind, and renew your spirit. Please take time to visit this site to learn more about Joanne and her work.